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i am but a shrine for one such as this

best conversation ever...
King Nixon (11:24:16 PM): yo
DIC BUTKUS (11:24:18 PM): YO!
DIC BUTKUS signed off at 11:25:18 PM.

dave on screen names...
DIC BUTKUS (12:10:46 AM): i was like "x 'somthing emo' x"

every day just a little bit better
every day just a little bit more

so i finished reading candide last nite, and i have to say i am not satisfied with it. it makes absolutely no point in the end, contradicts itself endlessly, goes on forever, and grr. had some interesting points, but on teh whole it should explode. the end. and rounding the home stretch on brave new world, it doenst look like i'm getting much more from that. oh the classics of literature

so i finished candide very late last night, and moved on to other stuff for modern world. i never emailed the prof about if we still had the test today cuz of the snow day or not, so ifigured i had to assume we did, so tried to get all the reading done. anyway, long story short, no test, kept nodding off in class, came back and slept thru phil. did nothing in particular til aegis, where i introduced julie to the wonders of homestarrunner and got back into the groove of giving shitty poems shitty grades (we rate everythign on a 1-10 scale. but sometimes if i really dont like something, i'll give it like -27 or such. sadly tho, it's just avged as 1). then the vagina monologues, which was interesting and entertaining and informative in measure. i'm not sure what i thought of it on teh whole though. a lot of it seemed too adversarial considering part of their msg (in the advertising, at any rate) was that guys should learn from this too. some of the monologue was all girl power agaisnt guys, which i'm like, uhhh. if you want to talk about how the clit is great and a wonderful piece of anatomy, great. but does the most important fact about it to emphasise really have to be comparing it to dicks? why bother?
after this, i talked to people for a bit, somehow ran into linnae like 4 times in 10 minutes, then hung out in wunh with jon and julie (and eventually kevin) til midnight

i am excited for tomorrow

Which member of the Homestar Runner gang are you?


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