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GODDAM STUPID FUCKS. i had a presentation today in cosmology-- each week one group gets to lead the discussion on some topic. my group (me and 2 other kids) got "evolution as a fundamental property of the universe" or something pretentious like that. now, this kid bill in the group, this is totally his thing, he is all about this topic. i don't remember even having it on my list (we each had to pick our top 3 topics that we wanted to present, and we got assigned one). i don't know a damn thing about this. the teachers tell us some things that would be helpful to read, specifically these 3 articles. HALF OF ONE of the articles was even indirectly related. so i dont have the slightest fuckign clue what we're doing at this point.
now, as luck would have it, our group gets to go first. so we had a week or so to prepare. the one time we manage to all schedule a meeting and actuallly show up to it (bill was busy bailing out his friend yesterday, apparently) was today an hour before class. so you can imagine how much we got done. anyway tho, we figured out the main points we wanted to make and split it all up so we each had a part to present, because that's how it is graded. now, cut to the class. bill completely dominates the conversation, which is fine because he's the only one who knows what he's talking about. but he starts using our points to bolster his arguments and keeps referring to himself solely ("the point i was trying to make/the way i wanted the discussion to go/etc"). so me and liz got shafted and did not contribute to the discussion. ALSO because everyone in the class fucking sucks. they all a) are physics kids who can't speak normal english and relate everything to parabolic motion and the life cycle of stars and similar useless crap b) don't know how to contribute to conversations and keep bringing up the same points that other people made, or say completely irrelevent/nonsensical things, or c) are this one asshole kid who is going bald, always wears this big black leather trench coat, sounds like kermit the frog, and speaks only so he can tear down what other people said without offering any valid input. he always harps on the stupidest shit, like if we're talking about evolution in teh sense that species evolve, he will get all hung up on the fact that evolution has another dictionary defintion to just mean 'change' and OH FREAKING NO WE HAVENT IDENTIFIED AND DEFINED SPECIFICALLY EVERY SINGLE WORD WE SPEAK OVER THE COURSE OF THE DISCUSSION, YOU'D BETTER MUTTER SOME MORE SNIDE REMARKS TO THE PEOPLE SITTING NEXT TO YOU AND OH YEAH BRING UP THE MATHEMATICAL MEANING OF ITTERATION AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS SO RELEVENT. you bitchy little freak.

one's superiority is directly proportional to one's frustration in dealing with the inferiority of others

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