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wahhhhh! sayeth the slacker

ok, it's late. i can accept that. i calmly peacefully accept the vast lateness of the hour. i am up late because i slack, vast sums of slacking are mine. so i was up reading things i should have read days ago. because i slack. i should finish reading 'love medicine' but i won't bother. brian didn't finish for last week, so nuts to that. i'll do it over the weekend or something. umm i was going to say something else, but i started writing an email and now i've forgotten. amusing fact of the night: two of my friends who do not know each other or live within state's reach of each other both IMed me tonite at about 3am, within a minute or two of each other, both drunk. anyway, off to bed with me. so my plan is to read some of love medicine in calc tomorrw unless we're doing something worth paying attention to, read about argonauts before lunch.. do class things variusly over the weekend, and i'll be all good. whoo. yeah. ok. goodnight.

why is 'tired' and 'sleepy' both options for hte mood? are they different things?

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