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IE has developd the oddest bug recently. if i hit the 'back' button twice too quickly, the 2nd time it won't pop back up, and explorer locks until i kill it. and my pop-up stopper a few times today, when it killed the pop-up killed the main window too. and my cd drive is fucked again, and might possibly have wrecked 2 blank cds (but i have no way to tell until i can hijack someone else's drive). and a stack of blank cds i bought on break but didnt open til now are all apparently defective and look like they were released early. theyre hypermedia but don't have the logo or anything on them, the only difference between the 2 sides of each cd is the patterns the reflecting light makes on it. if i'd spent more than $2.50 on them i might be peeved

this is one of the best cds i have heard in a long time. i grabbed it out of the wunh discard bin, i can't imagine why they didnt want it but i'm thrilled to have it. in other cd news, ocean machine is good but doesn't live up to my hopes (the 1st four tracks are swank though. maybe the rest just needs to grow on me), and strapping young lad "city" i need to listen to more closely to really decide but it is pretty damn cool so far. i got lots of other cds lately too, but havent listened to them yet

oh btw, that test i posted about the other day- the teacher let me make it up after all (as she put it, a random act of mercy), which i did on friday. i predict somewhere around 50-60, but i woudlnt be so shocked anywhere in 40-80. i hope i didnt do too badly, if nothign else because she'll regret her mercy

bad taste is one fucked up movie. i enjoyed the hell out of it, but i didnt like it so much. luckily we're watching dead alive this friday, whcih i already know to be the best thing ever. you should all come. friday, 8ish, woodruff lounge, zombie gorefest. bickity BAM

there is so much i need to do in the near future. i'm not avoiding anything, i'm just lazy and apathetic to the world. itll get done eventually (or not, as the case may be)

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