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oh yeah, forgot to mention..

i broked my back again. grr! as you may remember, a month or two ago i pulled a muscle in my back and was dead for 2 days or so before i got to a doctor and he was kind enough to prescribe me fun drugs.
so, yesterday i get up. feel fine. take a shower. feel fine. get out of the shower, start putting my clothes on. feel fine. drop my shirt, bend down to pick it up, straighten up, and immediatley need to sit down because my back has suddenly been filled with jagged metal krusty-Os. it felt EXACTLY like when i'd pulled that muscle, and was even in the same damn spot, so i figured that muscle just hates me. i spent the day either lying on my bed listening to the same 3 cds over and over cuz getting up to change them would be too painful, or on the couch uncomfortably watching tv. exciting.
on the plus side, i watched "the hudsucker proxy" an earlier coen brothers movie. it rules! as does everything else i've seen from them. more silly and dorky than their other stuff, and there's no random wicked gory stuff. i think only this and o brother can say that. mmm gore.
but anyway, so today i was feeling muchly better, but it still hella ached. conveniently, i already had a physical scheduled today, so while i was there [1], i told him bout my back and he had a looksee. apparently this time i didn't pull anything, it's just cramped. so no fun pills for me, just advil. but whatever. i'm not ever gonna get to go rockclimbing, am i.. things keep happening..

[1] in other news, i SHRUNK. i am half an inch shorter than i was at my last physical. dan is now 5' 8 3/4''

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