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Congratulations! You're...
Paul Efthemios Tsongas (D) MA
haha. nerd.

Which Member of 1976 US Congress are You?
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this made me feel good:
astrangerworld (3:03:11 AM): oh by the way. i am damn jealous of your story
astrangerworld (3:03:30 AM): or rather of your writing ability

apparently most everyone liked my story, but no one understood it. interesting...

so here's a good thing to do: set your alarm for 8, so you have 3 hours to do homework before your classes. don't actually start working til 10. get in an involving conversation at 10:40 when you are still working. give up on life.
at least my fiction exercise came out allright.. it's pretty much a dialogue of what woulda happened if me and kevin hated each other by the end of the trip

i think sometimes i confuse thoughts and daydreams.

i like when people ask me questions that htey have no interest in the answer to, and i don't realize that until i've spent 5 minutes talking about it and they completely ignore me. wait, no i dont. ha.

so for a change, in my cosmology class today we talked about nothign and went in circles and it became a big debate of definitions and semantics and irrelevent physics properties. oh wait no, that's every week. but at least it was mildly interesting this week. we were trying to define the qualities and existance of nothing.
oh, and then i debated whether or not donnie darko was a good movie. we agreed that it was for some definitions of good.

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