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i miss being a nerd

[for you physics kids, i'm sure i got relativity entirely wrong. your theories make no sense]

King Nixon (1:23:55 AM): relativity is confuisng
King Nixon (1:24:24 AM): i dont think i am able to really understand people having different speeds of time
Tadonnen (1:24:26 AM): hwoso? i know nothing about it.
King Nixon (1:24:31 AM): i cant understand it at all
King Nixon (1:25:02 AM): relativity, in a nutshell, says taht time slows down for objects which are accelerating or being pulled by gravity
King Nixon (1:25:16 AM): the strength of the acceleration or the gravity will increase the effect
King Nixon (1:25:45 AM): so someone going at 90% the speed of light could fly around in space for a thousand years and come back 60 years older
King Nixon (1:25:50 AM): not exactly that, but thats the idea
Tadonnen (1:25:58 AM): eep... odd...
King Nixon (1:26:02 AM): yes
King Nixon (1:27:37 AM): and if you hit light speed, time will stop for you
King Nixon (1:27:41 AM): i dont know what that means at all
King Nixon (1:28:04 AM): but you cant hit light speed anyway so not to worry
King Nixon (1:29:03 AM): because while your time is slowing down your mass is increasing and youre flattening. you dont notice any of this of coures, to you you are perfectly normal. but when you hit light speed you will be infinitely flat and massive, aka a singulary (the center of a black hole)
King Nixon (1:30:50 AM): light can go at light speed because photons (light particles) have no mass. also they may not exist because light is a wave too. it's a wave and a particle at the same time
Tadonnen (1:31:48 AM): ::head explodes::
King Nixon (1:31:59 AM): yes.
King Nixon (1:32:02 AM): you see my dilemma
King Nixon (1:32:18 AM): oh, and light goes at light speed from your perspective no matter how fast youre going
King Nixon (1:33:11 AM): if you were in a car going 90% light speed and turn your headlights on, from my perspective on the side of the road the light would only go 10% faster than your car, but from your perspective, the light leaves the car at teh same speed as if the car wasnt moving at all
King Nixon (1:33:15 AM): full light speed
King Nixon (1:33:34 AM): which is what im wrestlign with right now, cuz i'm trying to figure out how the doppler shift works
Tadonnen (1:34:15 AM): you're hurting my head a lot.
King Nixon (1:34:35 AM): doppler shift is... say youre on teh side of the road and a car drives by.. as the car approaches teh sound of it coming closer will get higher pitched, and then lower pitched once it goes past and is heading away from you
King Nixon (1:35:03 AM): light does the same thing, by moving from red to blue (for much higher speeds of course. its not somethign we'll ever see on teh highway)
King Nixon (1:35:16 AM): but i cant figure out why, because it should always look like its going normal light speed
King Nixon (1:35:29 AM): and im looking online, but i cant find an answer
Tadonnen (1:37:08 AM): i don't know that i want to know. science and math are allergic.
King Nixon (1:37:13 AM): lol
King Nixon (1:37:43 AM): remember that time i was explaining imaginary numbers to you and some lady was so impressed she told your mom
Tadonnen (1:37:51 AM): lol yeppers
Tadonnen (1:39:47 AM): and skinner and um... the other psychologist guy.
Tadonnen (1:39:52 AM): we were so intelligent or whatever.
King Nixon (1:39:59 AM): oh yeah
King Nixon (1:41:25 AM): hehe
King Nixon (1:41:38 AM): i cant remember what i didnt understand about the difference between teh two guys
King Nixon (1:42:02 AM): i know hte basic difference of how they work. i cant remember what the problem was, there was something that didnt make any sense to me
King Nixon (1:42:20 AM): i dont remember enough of it to not understand it anymore
King Nixon (1:42:57 AM): like math. i want to get back into math, but im afraid i hit the wall of how much of it i can understand, like i have with physics too
King Nixon (1:43:39 AM): after awhile i coudlnt figure out why equations worked anymore, i just knew the right answer would come out
King Nixon (1:43:47 AM): (assumign i knew that)
Tadonnen (1:45:23 AM): ::nods:: that's how math always was for me.
King Nixon (1:47:03 AM): i used to understand math, but then i lost it
King Nixon (1:47:36 AM): i think trig was the problem. those started showing up everywehre and i never coudl understand them

[and then..]
King Nixon (1:53:56 AM): cuz i wantd to post this conversation
Tadonnen (1:54:24 AM): where i'm staring blankly at you explaining relativity?
King Nixon (1:54:30 AM): hehe
King Nixon (1:54:32 AM): well, yes

i used to read books about all this stuff, instead of livejournal.

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