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i dont know why i post such huge entries

two ideas i came across recently which amused me:
"remember: the more negatives in a relationship, the greater the absolute value."
"god is so great, he doesn't even need to exist!" i don't agree with all of this, but many good points

everyone click this! i get free immortality!!

i figured out what i want to do with my life. i want dave attell's job. granted, i've seen maybe 10 minutes of the show, so this could be a big lie, but in theory at least he has the perfect job.

i am like a big strong cable
i am like a girl, soft inside
finally today i am able
to meet you on the ground

i realized the other day that i am ashamed of my hands. like, i don't want people to see them. i'm not really sure why.

sometimes complimenting people arouses me.

so, life of dan--- i got a story and a photo into aegis! yay! the photo garnered some controversy for apparently being too vaginal. then we had cookie time and discussed school and scars and such things. and megan spoke old english, which sounds neat
friday night, went to see ted leo and the pharmacists/aerogramme/33 slade, at the middle east, with kate. i know 1 ted leo song and none of the others, so i wasn't sure what to expect. it was so good! ted leo kicked ass, i liked him a lot. for some absurd reason the middle east decided it would be fun to have doors open at 8 but not have teh show start til 10, so that was exciting. 33 slade's poster had them all in their underwear adn the girl (singer/guitarist) topless. they played in moderately more clothes than that though. a nude band would just be bizarre. oh and the middle east had free water, which is very nice of them. usually clubs charge for water so all the hot thirsty concertgoers will spend more money they dont have. we got lost on the way back, because boston is a terribly designed city, and half of it is currently under construction. what do you do if your lane has 2 traffic lights facing it and their colors conflict? i went, and didnt die, so i guess green wins.

the vein under my right eye developed a twitch friday night. i thought it was just cuz i was suuuuuuuper tired but it was still doing it saturday. wtf. at least it stopped by today

so all week i have been getting 6-7 hours sleep each night. not that i go to bed too late or have to get up early or anything, i just wake up adn can't get back to sleep. i need 8-9 hours to be fully rested. now granted, this isnt a huge amount of sleep i am missing, but it builds up. i have been getting tired earlier and driving back friday night i had to pull over cuz i was falling asleep. i was sooo exhausted when we finally got back, and collapsed into bed and fell asleep. and woke up 7 hours later. i'm not tired per se when i wake up, but i definitley feel like i'm not done sleeping either. i dont know. i assume it's from stress and emotional blah, but i don't know why that would have me wake up an hour early every day.

dear nh,
please do not have signs telling me rt 125 is around a turn when not only is rt 125 straight, but the turn is actually a 1way street going the wrong way and there are no 'wrong way' signs to warn me you apparently want me dead.

songs on the radio today: only happy when it rains / cry me a river / self esteem

i talked to kitty a lot today. it was mostly quite pleasant, as such things go. the near future has the possibility of being very ironic and bitter-making though. we'll see.

so after meeting with my cosmology group, sean was going to the mub for dinner so i walked over with him. i was planning to eat at philly but mub works just as well. so we get there, and lo and behold there is a show going on and a ton of my friends are there. aly had told me about this a few days ago but i completely forgot. i'd missed the 1st few bands, but the rest were really good. pretty faces was the most thunderous music i've ever heard, meaning that word literally. the guy said they have mp3s online but i cant find any. the next band, i didnt like their 1st song at all, so i wandered out and watched a little of charlotte's web with colleen, then we went back in and i actually liked their last couple songs a lot. go figure. the young idea were the last band, they were awesome and i bought their demo and it kinda sucks. oh well. the singer warned me when i was buying it. he seriously warned me not to buy it cuz it sucks and theyre way better live. oh and he is the first person to recognize my bracelet as the band a guitar cable comes wrapped in (wait i think geoff did too actually. i'm not sure), which was cool.
OH! and of all people.. bud and rachel were at the show. that was awesome. this has seriously been the week of seeing people i havent seen in forever. yay. but i can't find rachel's email now and i was supposed to say hi. nuts. hopefully she finds that email i sent her back when jon got his package from her

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