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April 8th, 2003

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02:16 am - and we will never sever
ATTN: if you have posted anything i should see in the past month or so, let me know. i do not have the inclination to catch up on how far behidn i am

i had a good time at lunch today. people were nice to talk to. friends are neat-o, even when i'm sad and paranoid.

oh yeah, when i got back last night, in a deathly mood, i found a birthday note left on my desk from julie. thanks julie! that cheered me up a lot

had an eye apointment today, i am not a fan of those. but appraently im not going extra blind so thats good to hear. he has a new glaucoma testing machine, so instead of slowly prodding my eye, he can quickly poke it with a whirring stick that sounds like it's drilling. that freaked me the hell out. i dont like having things stuck in my eyes. i also dont like the novacaine drops, but theyre better than feeling it i suppose. right before he poked, he says to me "now i want you to stare straight ahead and breathe normally, you shoudlnt feel anything. and if you do feel anything.... then just breathe normally." i was like, oh okay thanks i'll do that please dont stab my eyes out

King Nixon (11:26:39 PM): whats wrong with us kitty
heartsarefire (11:26:51 PM): we're sad but we dont do anything about it
King Nixon (11:27:14 PM): ive tried to do things and they didnt work
heartsarefire (11:27:29 PM): yeah same here

i guess that's all there is to say
state: i just listened to this song like 10 times
np: Primitive Radio Gods-Ghost of a Chance

(16 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:April 8th, 2003 11:48 pm (UTC)


your objectivism amazes me.

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