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i don't think i've ever written that much that quickly. go lookit my writing journal verbalkint (which most of you horrible horrible people don't have friended or anything. as if!), i wrote all that last entry in about an hour. in word, that's 6 pages. i'll usually write about 1 page an hour when i'm working at it.
this is an idea i've had for quite awhile now, a year at least. not so fleshed out until now, but the basic concept that comes out in the end. it was very strong in my mind tonight, driving home, so i got back and had to write it out right away. and it all just poured out. i haven't gone back to reread it, so it's probably terribly rough.

i have interesting things to report, today was quite the odd day. but i'll get to that tomorrow, it's hella hot right now, not to mention late, so i'm just getting to bed.

so yeah, any comments anyone cares to give, i'd be ecstatic. i have trouble objectively reading my own writing, i can't tell what should be trimmed, what should be expanded. and probably more importantly, what makes sense or not. i know a lot of what i write is hard to follow, often intentionally so, but straddling that line is hard. sometimes it gets too incomprehensible, which defeats the purpose.

and the title, btw, is the name of a song by systematic. it came to mind, driving home, as appropriate, but i'm not entirely sure why.

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