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hang out with yourself

well you can start the "i told you so"s now, then. i was warned, but i didnt care, once again i thought i would be able to fix things and deal with things that are far beyond me. i am so fucking upset right now, adn i cant say why, which is just stupid. but it woudlnt matter if i could, i dont even know why in any way that makes sense. but i just hate everything
and i know in a couple days this will all be talked out and irrelevent like everything else i think, which almost makes it worse. this matters, even if i dont know how to say why. i never laughed when you were upset no matter what i thought of your reasons

what a stupid fucking birthday. i always have shitty birthdays. no, thats not true, they usually start out okay. but they end shitty. kinda like every other day. but at least i waited around all fucking night trying to find someone to go out and have fun with on my first night of official adulthood and coudlnt find a damn soul and the people who'd said they would didnt turn up til the middle of the damn night, and at least my room is infested AGAIN, and at least several people are steadily losing their luster which is really depressing if not unexpected.

Ya didn't do what I say today
24 hours of no wishing well
Now 365 days I'm in hell, oh well
Happy Birthday to me

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