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let me see you stripped

ATTN: okay along with that msg a few days ago that i wont be catching up on the lj posts i have missed, i am not so much feeling inclined to read/comment in lj regularly right now either. im still around, and good chance i will see what you post, but i may not, and i probably wont say alot if i do. but if there is somethign you want me to see or know, inform me

.i still haven't learned. maybe i never will.

the actual list is terrible, but here is a blurb from top5:

A website that claims to be "a conservative
version of Ben & Jerry's" is selling ice cream
in flavors such as "I Hate the French Vanilla,"
"Smaller GovernMINT" and "Nutty Environmentalist."
rasputina is a weird freaking band. but theyre cool

dude, i suck!
I scored a 38% on the "How New Hampshire are you?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

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