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today is 4/20 woooo smoke up baby yeah!

buy me tickets to this kthx

i seem to have lost my love of pointless debates. i get annoyed and bored with them too quickly. i think it all started with that jerkoff on nh.general who tried to tell me i have no morals because i'm not religious. some people arent actualy looking to discuss, theyre looking to bulldoze over you and say their say. meh. so now even if it's a good conversation half the time i lose interest, oh well

i kinda sucked yesterday. i'm kinda better today.

field methods sounds like not really my kinda class. maybe i'll take linguistic analysis instead. or grammar, if alex is like yo fiction and thesis at the same time would be too much work yo. or maybe i won't bother finishing the minor. where's that sociolinguistic survey class? that sounds cool. they should have that one again. and they shouldnt have 4 classes i want at the same damn time. and while i'm at it, they should pay me to go here and bring me a soda cuz i'm thirsty. oh and write my paper for me. this is what they should do.

ps: my neck is better. i dunno what that was about. maybe my head will fall off

so i'm looking at this thing that lists 12 barriers to good communication. here's a few.. excessive questioning[1], advising, logical argument, reassurance.. hey look, it's me
[1] "Some people ask questions constantly. When this happens, they experience an almost total drying up of conversation. When loved ones share so little with them, these questioners desperately resort to more questions to keep at least a trickle of disclosure coming from the other person. But the added questions retard the communication even more." hey look, it's me again

i just bought the the dark is rising series off amazon. like 20 bucks. woo! i was gonna get the 2 new earthsea books too, but for like 10 bucks each i say no.

whenever i mishear songlyrics i usually like my way better

i realized something today- i tend to express my sadness sometimes in very guilt-inducing ways. i'm going to try to stop that.

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