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we dehumanize people when we think of them as being in groups. sometimes it's neccesary to do so, you can't very well deal personally with every person in the world, but it is still a sad fact that you will deal with them differently as part of such and such community of persons than if you think of them as an individual whom* you might take out to lunch. or maybe you wouldnt, i dont presume to tell you your limits, but most of us would and do.

* who or whom? i can't remember. i always tell the difference because i know that the standard stereotype butler line "whom shall i say is calling?" is incorrect. but now i can't figure out how to read the sentence: is whom there the subject or object? is "I shall say who is calling?" a transformation or merely a similar sentence? okay nevermind that. i had a grammar crisis but i solved it.

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