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yeah today is super. so i couldnt get any work done last night, i couldnt get to sleep last night, i woke up today with drymouth, i got up an hour earlier than need be becuase alex has different office hours than are listed on the english dept site and didnt bother coming in this morning even though it's class sign-up day adn he really should be around, so i went and got some food and felt nausous after half a bagel, and lenny hasnt answered my voicemail so i still have to go to the fencing demo thing i signed up for like 2 weeks ago which means i cant come see alex when it IS his office hours OR talk to my 18th century lit teacher about the late fucking paper AND i have a bunch of other stuff to do today. at least my appt in hall house went okay. and i havent been hit by a bus yet today. those are the 2 good things.

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