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he went fuckily along

okay i hate life less now. talked to my lit teacher for a sec and she said make an appt to talk to her and we'd figure things out. which is better than hey the paper is late go die. i was not expecting her to be evil, as she seems nice enough a person, but it's still good to know officially i'm not fucked. and alex decided to show up early after all and i caught him essentially by blind luck, so i'm in for advanced fiction, which means not taking grammar, which is more reason to hop on the ling analysis bandwagon, especially as i'm considering taking logic over the summer. i didnt have time to talk to alex about the thesis thing cuz i had to go to class but he seemed cool with it. i'll chat him up tomorrow
i had most of a muffin an hour ago and didnt get nausious, so that passed. at least for teh time being, i dunno. and the fencing demo was lotsa fun - which i was expecting, i wanted out of it for more worktime - we were out at a ymca daycamp thing, showing them all what it's about. them all being a bunch of kindergarden thru 5th graders. they were suitably impressed, even though all our equipment malfunctioned. they wanted our autographs! i'm an international fencing superstar.
okay, this superstar has a fiction story to write.

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