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oh happy day

why amy is my new favorite person:

her away msg read "does anyone like poison?" and i answered "yes!"......

SunStar630 (10:00:03 PM): FINALLY!
King Nixon (10:00:07 PM): haha
King Nixon (10:00:11 PM): goin to hte show tuesday?
SunStar630 (10:00:17 PM): are you?
King Nixon (10:00:23 PM): <-- has no ticket :-(
SunStar630 (10:00:30 PM): I don't really know them, but my dad got me free tix
SunStar630 (10:00:33 PM): so if you want to go
King Nixon (10:00:41 PM): woah!
King Nixon (10:00:47 PM): that would rule
SunStar630 (10:00:59 PM): haha cool!
King Nixon (10:01:04 PM): sweet
King Nixon (10:01:07 PM): you are now my favorite person ever
SunStar630 (10:01:17 PM): hehe:-)
King Nixon (10:01:22 PM): how many did he give u?
SunStar630 (10:01:52 PM): 4...I'm waiting to hear back from one person, so there would still be 1 left over
King Nixon (10:02:09 PM): do u know steph dupont? i know she really wants to go, but as of a week ago she dint have a ticket either
King Nixon (10:02:12 PM): who're u waiting to hear from?
SunStar630 (10:02:29 PM): no, I don't know friend ryan
King Nixon (10:02:39 PM): she's dave's girlfriend
King Nixon (10:02:41 PM): senior at central
SunStar630 (10:02:51 PM): OHHHH
SunStar630 (10:03:00 PM): I guess I just don't know her last name
SunStar630 (10:03:02 PM): lol
SunStar630 (10:03:43 PM): yeah, whatever! The ticket shouldn't go to waste
King Nixon (10:03:47 PM): haha
King Nixon (10:03:48 PM): yay!
King Nixon (10:03:58 PM): k, i can give her a call tomororw, then
SunStar630 (10:04:13 PM): alright cool!
King Nixon (10:04:16 PM): whee!
King Nixon (10:04:18 PM): you rule
King Nixon (10:04:27 PM): why did your dad give u the tickets?
SunStar630 (10:04:59 PM): He got them from work somehow and he has no idea what I listen to, so he just gave them to me and told me to call some friends!
King Nixon (10:05:05 PM): haha sweet
SunStar630 (10:05:18 PM): :-)
King Nixon (10:05:29 PM): and quiet riot and warrant are playing
King Nixon (10:05:30 PM): too
SunStar630 (10:05:45 PM): yeah, that's what I heard

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