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i have nothing interesting to say.

this cd is excellent.

speaking of cds... people who keep all their cds in those big booklet thingys - what do you do with the jewel cases? keep them? toss them? i have no use for them, theyre in a bigass box in my room at home, but at such time as i ever sell any of these (which i really should do sometime) i'll probably want them

CityBabe9 (3:09:29 PM): There should be Norton Antisuck
CityBabe9 (3:09:37 PM): So you cant send me things that suck
King Nixon (3:09:43 PM): :-(
King Nixon (3:09:58 PM): you should get norton bettertaste so you would like all the good stuff i send you
CityBabe9 (3:10:03 PM): HEheheh
King Nixon (3:10:08 PM): ohhhhhhh snap!

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