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in the coming days the dust will cover
all the evidence of your first lover
i hope wherever you are now you'll wake up
see just what a mess you made of this

i just sat in the lounge talking to jenn for about 5 hours. that was awesome, it was the most pointless conversation ever, and we were getting increasingly giddy and silly as time went on and lack of sleep got more extreme (did i mention that i got about 4 hrs sleep last night?). so that was a blast, and it's good to see that we can actually talk offline sometimes too.

the aegis party did not happen, through a series of miscommunications. sometimes i live in a sitcom, it's funny. the new plan is to go bowling.

drove out to dover with julie, jenn, and megan to see the place me julie and kevin are staying in next year. it's a fucking MANSION. honest to god. we get the 2nd floor wing or something. 4 huge rooms for the 3 of us. and this place looks SWANK. of course, we didnt' get to see inside, and this was 9something PM at this point, but hot damn i'm excited for next year. that's gonna be good times.

saw kitty twice today. we didn't talk. beh. we talk online but it's sucky. beh.

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