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if you could see how i see you, you would stand so tall
thoughts? comments? criticisms?

respect the weez (10:01:21 PM): you will die tonight
respect the weez signed off at 10:01:24 PM.
hey jon you're wronggggg i'm still alive!

i bought the toadies album "hell below/stars above" on ebay. the guy sent me the single instead. i emailed him asking wtf, and he said i could put the $ i had spent on that towards any of his other auctions if i wanted. so now, for a total of $9something, i get a nice toadies single, and the pulp fiction soundtrack. boners!

today was fun. i got up at like 2, did nothing, went to thai cuisine restaurant (wicked goooood) with lennie and doug, came back and i think i accomplished something vaguely useful tonight but i can't remember what. but anywayz, i had fun.

why am i up so late?

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