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Look Out Ebay
A British rock music fan offered to sell his own flu germs derived
from Paul McCartney's recent bout of the flu (which the fan said he
caught from a backstage session with McCartney), via either a
coughed-into plastic bag or a vial of mucus. [CNN-Reuters, 4-16-03]

so, i have a whiteboard on my door. next to this, i have 4 markers so people can leave me exciting messages in whatever color they so desire. i noticed satuday or so that my blue marker was gone. i wrote on the board "who stole my blue marker?" someone wrote under this, "the jolly green giant" and under that someone else wrote something incomprehensible. next to that i wrote "what?" cuz i really had no idea what it said. anyway, a few days later, i notice the red marker is gone too. so i erase all that and write "STOP STEALING MY FUCKING MARKERS!" the next day, it had been changed to "STOP STEALING MY F***ING MARKERS!" that night i came back and it had changed again to "STEAL MY F***ING MARKERS!" so i erase that and write "pricks". seriously, not 5 minutes later i leave my room and it's been changed. i forget what it said at this point, but it rhymed with pricks. "do the trick" maybe? something like that. it didnt make any particular sense. so i erased that and left the board blank. and whoever has been writing on the board and stealing my markers, you suck at life.

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