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here comes the sun, and i say, it's all right

hmph! 'amazed' isn't a mood.. you'd think with all the options, that would be in there..
anyway.. so, get up today at 7:40am.. 3+ hours sleep. yay. read thru calc, the class was pretty useless anyway. we're doing max/min problems. the teacher got the last one wrong somehow, and couldn't find the error. haha. then crit analysis, useless as usual. we get our papers back, and once again she proves that she has no idea how to grade papers. she'd written some really worthless comments on mine.. o well, i got a B, so that's cool.
coming back to my dorm.. walking past all the apartments, and rob is behind me. so we're walkin back together, greg comes running up to us. tells me "go away so i can kill rob" now i'm rather suspicious at this point, seeing as rob didn't look too concerned at what was claimed to be his assassination (by woodruff rules, no one else can witness a kill), but i didn't put much thought into it and just kept walking. a few seconds later, i think maybe i should assess the situation. i turn around, just in time to see greg start barrelling towards me with a tennis ball. zounds! i run around the building, yelling for rob, but get nailed. then rob comes out from behind where he was hiding. and it's revealed that greg got him yesterday! why would you help someone who killed you? silly boy. so anyway, the Sock Of Doom has been retired, after a short and useless career. until next time, my dear Sock Of Doom..
so yeah. get back to my room. email from my dad, forwarding an article from it read as follows:

Ship carrying 250 child slaves roams African

April 12, 2001
Web posted at: 6:17 PM EDT (2217 GMT)

COTONOU, Benin (Reuters) -- A ship carrying 250 African children thought to
have been sold into slavery is on its way back to Benin after two countries
turned it away, police sources in Benin said Thursday.

The children, from Benin and neighboring Togo, were believed to be caught up
in a lucrative trade in minors sold by poor families and forced to work abroad on
plantations or as domestic servants.

After being turned away from Libreville in Gabon, the ship had made for
Cameroon's main port of Douala, where authorities also refused to let it dock,
the sources said.

The craft was expected back in Cotonou late Friday -- but only after Benin's
consul in Douala had paid for extra fuel to complete the round trip of over 1,250

Estelle Guluman, of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Cotonou,
said the children were likely to have been taken from their families with false
promises of cash.

"People come and offer the families money and say their children will work in
plantations and send money home. These people give the families a little money
and then they never see their children again," she said.

Despite international efforts to curb the trade, child slavery persists in West and
Central Africa, where children are taken from their families in countries like
Benin, Togo and Mali for as little as $14 to $28.

Farmers with plantations of cocoa and other cash crops pay modern-day slave
traders as much as $340 per child worker in countries such as Gabon and Ivory
Coast, where thousands of children between nine and 12 are thought to work on

Life there is hard. Anti-child labor campaigners say youngsters are often forced
to work for up to 12 hours a day and sometimes abused physically and sexually.
Every year border officials in Benin stop scores of children being transported to
work abroad. The police sources said 86 children had been stopped from leaving
Benin already this year.

fuck!! it's hard to imagine things like that still happening, in the present.. as my dad said, it's just unbelievable.
anyway, then had my myth test, on which i am predicting a grade of approximately 90. i forgot a pencil, as per usual, but luckily nastassia knew i would cuz she rules and brought an extra for me. trzaskoma's best E answer in my opinion was "the land of magical cheese" but "andrew dice clay" was also a good option. heron, as usual, finished 10 minutes before anyone else. anyway, i'm going to pick classes now, then going with lauri and whichever of her friends she duped into joining us to see what i'm counting on being amusingly bad jesus movies (i don't think you can go wrong with "the adventures of bibleman"). and hey, they're free, so why not. viva la free jesus.

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