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you get hammered, then you get nailed.

i don't know if shaving makes me break out, or if i just don't notice when there's a beard in the way, but my face is all zitted. bah.

"write an essay in which you explore literal and figurative travel within the linterature of the later eighteenth-century and, in so doing, suggest the ways in which our own culture in teh US today remians in dialogue with the past". STUPIDEST ASSIGNMENT EVER. but i got it done thankfully and it didnt make any sense but as per usual i no longer care at all because it's freaking done. and the lady was locking up the office when i got there to hand it in and she tried to pretend she wasnt gonna open the door for me. hardy har

in july i see placebo with nastassia. that is neat-o. the paradise is having some good shows, here's the whole list- anyone wanna go to these?

7/3/2003 Placebo
7/13/2003 Fountains of Wayne
7/27/2003 Supergrass
7/28/2003 Supergrass
8/9/2003 Grandaddy

i looked out the window today and the tree out there has these lovely pink and white flowers on it. how did i never notice that before?

i need to stop reading old aim conversations

and now, i sleep for approximately 96 years.

ps: go watch zombie lake. your life will improve immeasurably.

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