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glam slam metal jam 2001!!


ok so the concert ruled.. i got to amy's around 5:45 and she said her friend had cancelled lastminute so she had to find someone else to take hte ticket. we attempted to get various people and soon enough beth was recruited. gotta love calling somoene to go to a concert that starts at 6, at 6. yay! so anyway, after picking her up and driving to the mills to park thru the traffic from west's graduation, and walking to the park, we missed enuff z'nuff. so i still have NO clue who that is. o well.
most ridiculous crowd ever! o my, it was wonderful. tons of people decided (or just always dress that way, i dunno) to go all out for the show, and got all 80s-ed up. wicked torn jeans, scary patterned spandex tights things, not-long-enough mesh shirts. it was all there to be seen. there was a glittery cowboy lady who steph and nichole informed me i was going to marry. i was never given much reason for this, but i'm frightened. some people had giant hair-metal wigs, those were amusing. it was all amusing. a very drunk guy stumbled around doing air guitar for awhile, i'm still in shock that he never fell over.
quiet riot was a disapointment, on the whole. not much of a show. "cum on, feel the noize" - being a lot of why i wanted to go in the 1st place - ruled cuz it had to, but whatever. they weren't the highlight of the evening. tho they did inspire this exchange:
me (after their set): so, did you feel the noize?
steph (completely serious): oh, i felt it more than anyone!
she's so cute.
warrant was better. still not a great show, but they sounded better, band-wise. sheeeee's myyyyy cherrry pie! i hadn't even realized that song was theirs. yay!
i'll pause now to mention singer park blows. i really hate the setup, it was not thought out at all. there's 3 ticket types - bleachers, lawn, reserved. bleachers get to sit on the bleachers at teh sides of the lawn. lawn gets to stand in the lawn. and reserved gets to sit in crappy plastic chairs. now this is all well and good, but reserved is up front, with lawn fenced off behidn them (yes, there's a little crappy plastic fence). this is ridiculous, concertwise. everyone is supposed to be standing and run up to the stage and shit! not be fenced far away. i suppose hypothetically the reserved people could do that, and just have paid more to be up front at the stage, but there's friggin chairs in the way! whatever. no wonder none of hte shows there have sold out (whcih is why amy's dad got the free tickets. the joys of civil service). there's some good ones too - 3 doors down/oleander/7 mary 3, disturbed/slipknot/mudvayne/linkin park, journey/peter frampton/john waite (i'm a lil leery on that last one, but it deserved a mention at least), plus some other crap. o-town is coming! teehee..
but anyway, as i was saying.. so warrant was better, but it was still hard to get into it when i can barely see the band from where i am and everyone was just standing aorund anyway. it was not much of an exciting atmosphere. but then... poison! whether by their choice, the park's choice, or the will/violence of the people, the plastic fence came down for poison,a nd we all invaded the reserved area,a nd stood on chairs and whatnot. yay! poison fucking ROCKED. i was surprised, they're actuallly a rather good band. and "unskinny bop" just rules, no way aorund it. unnnnskinny bop bop bop bop... for their encore, they covered "i wanna rock and roll all nite", twas great fun. and the stageshow was pretty neat, they had various sparkly things and giant flame columns and spinning sparking twirling whatever and big pointless ramps and explosions and mass amounts of tissue paper scraps shot out a few times. it was all quite fun.
i paid 5$ for an italian sausage. granted, it was a very tasty treat, but that was still a bad investment, in hindsight. now, what is NOT a bad investment is hte other 5$ i spent - on a tour shirt! yes, now i can proclaim my bad taste in music to the world, with a glam slam metal jam 2001 t shirt. i'm just thrilled.

other fun nonconcert stories happened today.. and earlier in the week.. and last week... and from like a month ago that i never finsihed talking about... but i'll deal with all that another day. or not at all. whatever. i don't need EVERYTHIng in here, after all. i dunno. it's funny, i actually feel guilty now if something interesting happens that i don't mention here, like i need to transcribe my life. hwo the hell did tha thappen? this wasn't intended for that at all, when i started. tho on the other hand it is neat to have, the history of dan. i dunno...

on another note, cow song from luckimunki.

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