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the mystical dav

DIC BUTKUS (2:54:41 AM): guess what:
King Nixon (2:54:43 AM): what?
DIC BUTKUS (2:54:52 AM): me, nicholle, and steph are standing there...
DIC BUTKUS (2:55:00 AM): 3 drunk fucks give us there VIP PASSES!
DIC BUTKUS (2:55:04 AM): their, even
King Nixon (2:55:08 AM): shit!
King Nixon (2:55:10 AM): what do those do?
DIC BUTKUS (2:56:38 AM): gets you into some big ass party backstage and shit
DIC BUTKUS (2:56:38 AM): BUT..
DIC BUTKUS (2:56:45 AM): i gave mine to stavro and the girls took off
King Nixon (2:57:58 AM): haha crazy
King Nixon (2:58:05 AM): everyone's getitn free shit lately, this rules!
King Nixon (2:58:22 AM): dude, i'd forgotten how tiny christine is!
DIC BUTKUS (2:58:23 AM): hahahahahah
DIC BUTKUS (2:58:27 AM): i know!!!
DIC BUTKUS (2:58:31 AM): frigggin THIS big
King Nixon (2:59:29 AM): so they went to party with the bands? that rules. i hope they give quiet riot head or somethign
DIC BUTKUS (3:01:20 AM): hhahahahah
DIC BUTKUS (3:01:23 AM): sluts rule.
King Nixon (3:01:29 AM): damn right
King Nixon (3:08:39 AM): i've decided i should marry nichole
DIC BUTKUS (3:08:49 AM): hahah
DIC BUTKUS (3:08:54 AM): nichole is friggin hot
King Nixon (3:08:57 AM): god yes
DIC BUTKUS (3:09:07 AM): marry steph instead. FREE ME!!! haha ;-)
King Nixon (3:09:16 AM): lol
King Nixon (3:09:19 AM): she's my 2nd option
King Nixon (3:11:20 AM): screw that, i'll be a mormon and marry both of them! hooray!
DIC BUTKUS (3:11:35 AM): hahaha, do it!!!
DIC BUTKUS (3:11:41 AM): the jews will be PISSED tho!
King Nixon (3:11:56 AM): o well, the tons of sex will help me deal with it
DIC BUTKUS (3:12:02 AM): haha, thats true.

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