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hey jealousy

sara IMed me thursday night. we're gonna hang out soon. this is lovely as i haven't talked to her in foreverever.

my younger sister
has a blister
where i kissed her
on her thigh

saw x2 friday night with lauri and her doughy friend. it kicked ass!! see, THAT is what matrix2 shoulda been more like. bam. also, let me just say the illusion guy was CREEPY AS FUCK. that is all.

i emailed my lit and phil teachers. lit lady answered and said i could get an incomplete for the class and finish the paper. haven't heard from phil guy yet.

special note to gore pals: i think we need to take fieldtrips to see "freddy vs jason" and "28 days later". rock.

so, last night around 4am my parents decided to chart their future. they settled on an apartment (they move in june 23rd) and, because it's apparently on a bigass hill, my dad went out and bought a new car with 4 wheel drive. it has a spoiler, but he doesn't want to pay 300 bucks for a piece of metal so it's getting taken off. i just like that we currently own a car with a spoiler. my mom calls it a surfboard.

my computer keeps making that 'error' noise and having something pop up on the screen but it disapears before i am able to read it. uhmmm

i want the white stripes cds. i want everything.

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