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i'm always surprised when i call someone and they're not home; it never occurs to me that they won't be there to recieve my call. except sometimes when i call someone to leave a msg and i'm surprised that they answer. do what i want all the time!

i currently weigh 132.5 pounds, according to the scale in my parents' room. the 1st time i tried it, it said ERROR.

my parents have a ton of records i have been authorized to dispose of. this means ebay. but if any of you are interested, that'd be super. do any of you listen to records? if so i'll post a list. i havent looked thru them yet but there's a ton of stuff there; classical, classic rock, random weird shit, etc
speaking of which, at some point in the next month there will be a widrew family yard sale. you should all come and buy our worthless junk astounding treasures. i'll be like the crazy dollar guy and run around giving discounts, it'll be sweet

i am having difficulty in going thru all my books. every time i look at one to decide if i want ot keep it or not, i end up reading it for an hour

btw, for those of you in the area, my parents' new place will be on front st

i'm late for everything :(

and lastly, i will just say that tonight me and lauri watched the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie and it was FUCKING AMAZING. i was afraid it was gonna be one of thoes things i loved as a kid, but i see it now and it sucks. but no. it was freaking hilarious and awesome. my favorite part:
DONATELLO: oh i get it, you're claustrophobic!
CASEY JONES: hey, no no, i've never even looked at a guy
(oh, and donatello was voiced by corey feldman. i did not know this)

pinata: survival island!!!! renting this!! (tagline: a weekend to dismember)

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