Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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holy jeez!

okay i'm off shortly to godbout's 21st birthday spectacularmathon. we're all gonna see finding nemo and then pizza and then bar. he'll probably die, so i hope you're all there to see it

this has not been a good week for couples. a bunch of my friends have broken up. i don't like when my friends are sad :(

i havent combed my hair in like a week. i am rocking the curls. yes. i haven't shaved either, but that's because i can't find my razer

amy is in boston this weekend! talk about a tease and a half, she had to come up to new england on the weekend i'm moving. i'm definitely going to get down to see her, but i dunno how much time i'll be able to delegate. stay longer!! lauri, you stay too! everyone move to my street and stay there.

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