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your wife is home!... and your house is on fire!

i want to have a baby shower just so i can make invitations that say see you in the shower!
in-jokes are neato

yo change of plans- i'm moving to doverrrr on monday! yep.

low rider 4 life! hehe

notcool thing: i'm sick! i woke up today and thought i was a little hung over, but no, it turns out i am ill. nothing serious, but i have a sore throat/stiff neck/headache/tiredness combo going on. maybe my mom will think i have meningitis like in high school and i'll get another spinal tap. that'd be neat.
cool thing: i just watched the 'burbs on comedy central tonight. that movie rules
cooler thing: going to see amy tomorrow!

i own so much crap, it's really amazing. where did i get all this stuff? i seriously have things in my room that i found in the street 6 years ago. not cool things, these are pieces of metal and stickers and stuff. i wish i could just turn my room sideways and dump it all in the trash

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