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this is a very stately song. which is funny, because the cd on the whole is goofy and terrible

i swear to god i am THIS CLOSE to gluing my nose shut. drippy snot = rules
why is my nose the only thing getting blown around here?

hyrax! cute!

so i am cleaning out my desk currently. i've found a bunch of pictures of people i probably knew in 1st grade or something. i have no idea who any of them are. i feel kinda bad. but anyway, i found a letter from a penpal! i'm going to give you a little sample of my penpal letter...
Hi. My names Brian K. [something i can't read]. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I always wear sweaters. Do you? I like to wear them with turtlenecks Do you? My favorite sport is Basketball. Is yours?
and it goes on like that for a whole damn page. i get the feeling he's really disapointed every time he meets someone and they're not his identical twin. but yeah. then he spends the 2nd page giving me a detailed plot summary of the movie Hook, because it is his favorite movie (Is it yours?), and therefore it's important for him to tell me EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN IT. then he ends with some exciting fun facts about his home state (missouri) that i won't bother typing because they're stupid.
i'm sure my response was no better, and if he comes across it, i hope he laughs as much as i did just now reading this.

oooooookay i just found a wood-tip cigar. why the hell did i have that?? i never smoked, or even wanted to. where did it come from? it smells like carob.

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