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i didn't like having to clean up for the people coming to look at our house. we never kept hte place this clean, most likely whoever buys it will not either. so what are we accomplishing? but now i'm moved out and dont need to worry about it for awhile. my parents will throw out everything i left (including i'm sure lots of stuff i didnt mean to) and sell the rest. yardsale coming up!

anywayz... i'm in doverrrrr now! boom shaka laka. my room is a mess and a half cuz i have too much stuffff that i don't know what ot do with, but tha'ts okay. i have a bed and a computer and a bookshelf and a phone and there's 2 cats here that are evil and claw me. but when theyre not evil theyre sweet, so it balances out.

kevin and julie, adn then jon, helped me move today. they're rad. as are the people i'm living with. i knew them all but amy from woodruff, but was kinda leary about shannon who i always got i-dont-like-you vibes from. but she's nice now (i think she's just brusquer than i'm used to) and amy is cool (and talks like loveandspies amy, which is confusing when i pick up the phone and she says hey it's amy, i'm downstairs. for a second i thought i got an unexpected visit) so yay stuff.

i spent last night at jon's with people, it was fun (even if it resulted in going to bed at 3:30 to wake up at 9). this week is the 1st time ive hung out with nik and cory, and with mike and bethany outside group mub lunches. it's really cool, theyre neat people. mike is odd tho, even when he's being totally serious i feel like he's joking. something about how he speaks and how he holds himself.

i think this will be a good summer, i am pleased. i still need a job though. give me money for no reason please!

tomorrow i put in more applications and call places i havent heard from (oh, that's ALL OF THEM). and im gonna go see dave/justin's place i think. probably viist some other people too. we'll see. drop me a line yo

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