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i just watched super mario bros. i had remembered that movie as being pretty bad, and it was actually quite charming (albeit pretty bad).

.. and now the next day when i bother to post this, i have also watched hypercube. weirddd. in some ways it's better than the 1st and in other ways not as good. i dunno.they try to explain what's going on more and do kindof a halfassed job of it.

so what have i been up to lately.. mostly hanging out at jon's. that is The Place to Be this summer. there was a party there last night (aka the same kids that are there pretty much every day plus 3 others). everyone else was gone by noon or so today and me and kevin hung around and played video games til 3ish. i spent the afternoon cruising around looking for work (still no luck). the manpower lady calls me every couple days to tell me she's got somethign for me, but she keeps calling at like 9am to say if i want it i shoudl call right away. needless to say, by the time i'm up it's taken. she asked when i applied how long i would need after gettign called to be able to work. i said probably the next day. so why does she keep calling with an hour to spare? i dunno. maybe i should start getting up earlier (this won't happen).

tomorrow is bingo! with whoever we can muster in the area. you should come.

ps: having a "help wanted" sign in the window when you have already filled the position is just cruel.

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