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up 2 hours later than i planned to be, it's hte perfect time to update lj! yes.

so bingo was lots of fun. kevin won a doorprize, other than that we all bageled, but it was a good time all the same. casey and both mikes ended up not coming though, whcih is a shame. afterwards we bummed around the mub for awhile and jon and mike did their radio show til they got tired and left, then kevin finished it. i, i meanwhile, FINALLY did my production tape[1]. woo. so as soon as they get around to listening to it, assuming it's any good, i am an official DJ type person.
realized around midnight that jon, who had alraedy gone home cuz he was tired, was my ride home. oops. we all forgot that i hadn't taken my car today. so it turned out that when he got home, he immediately started drinking. ha. so yeah, i'm sleepig in the muso office tonight; i get to see how kevin lives. hopefully tomorrow i can get a ride home from someone at some point.
i feel weird tonight. sad and confused and yearning and contradictory. i could write more but that would probably be a bad idea, so i'll go to bed instead. goodnight readers

[1]just for fun, here's my tape's playlist:

the explosion - signature
weathermen - 5 left on the clip (RJD2 mix)
fin fang foom - how to make a monster
magnetic fields - washington DC
wildchild - hands up
junior senior - dynamite
strapping young lad - devour*

*not only does the station have both SYL and accelerated evolution, but it has a tour EP. sweet

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