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today = RULES

oh man i am having so much fun today. me and mike went over to jon's and we drove around awhile. saw jon's childhood home and the most whitetrashiest guy everrr. he had this huge emaculate mullet and a giant bright yellow pimped out truck with a huge tissuepaper-looking american flag on the top of the front and 2 other flags hanging off on the sides. i was impressed. i wish i'd had my camera with me. we went to dover house of pizza and then to this random discount store (called Discount Store) across the street. it was GREAT. they had so much awesome stuff, i got an accordian and the ninja turtles soundtrack!! everyone in this house is going to hate me in a week, i love it. then we went to that bookstore place and bought rad movies for cheap. we're stocking up for gore nights to come
and now i wait for elise to get home from work and fun will begin anew

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