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good grief

so yeah. yesterday was absurd. story time!

nik changed his mind and didn't want to go, so it was me and kevin. i picked him up from work and we were on our way. and by on our way, i mean instantly lost thanks to mapquest. we ended up in the wrong town and when we asked how to get to cambridge, the sketchy guys at the gas station DIDN'T KNOW. we were so out of our way they coudln't direct us to the appropriate city. eventually we found someone who sortakinda knew where to go. then we got lost again, and consulted this cool guy with a thick accent. he was really nice. now, according to mapquest (why we were still consulting those directions at this point i dont know) we had to get to main st and go through a traffic circle and we'd be on the right street. but this guy told us that main st and alewife brook pkwy (whihc is the street newburys is actually on) were on opposite sides of the city. hooray! so he gave us immensely confusing directions on how to get there, and eventually we did.
fountains of wayne was good, they played like 5 songs and it sounded quite nice. they were all from the new cd so i didn't know them though. but yeah. then kevin waited on line for approx 19 years to meet them while i looked through the dvds. i found a movie which described itself as "nunsploitation". yes i will be renting this. i found another movie where the description on the back starts out God hates you! and goes on to talk about some lady knocked up by the angel of death and there's zombies and whatnot. it actuallysounds really good, despite me making it silly.
after this, we wanted to visit people while we were down there. claire was busy with unspecified things and when we called later she was gone, so boo. we went to see ashley at her work and mary at their apartment. it's funny cuz i've seen both of them around a lot but i don't think i've talked to either of them before. it was fun. ashley's boss chased us out after like a minute, but we were at the apt for awhile. mary = cool, and super nice. new friends! and then we left to catch the T back to my car.
i'll point out here that every time we had to walk from one place to another, we somehow went the extremely wrong way and wandered the streets for about 10 minutes before turning around and figuring out what we did wrong. this happened EVERY time we went somewhere. the best was finding ashley's work - urban outfitters. we get off the T and start walking down the street looking for it. eventually we go into a CVS to ask directions. we misinterpret the guy's directions and start walking down the wrong street. eventually we end up where we started, go across the street, and go into this random store to ask directions. the random store ended up BEING urban outfitters, which we found out when kevin asked the lady at the counter where that was and she pointed straight down. we're smart kids. but yes, then at the end of the night we're on the way back and the redline train is dead for some reason. MBTA decides to bus everyone where they're trying to go, except the busses are showing up realllllly slowly. we met this girl colleen and talked to her for awhile and she told us how to get back to the car,which is good cuz otherwise we probably would have gone on the wrong bus and died. some random lady told us how to get to 93 and then some guy told us a better way. so many people helped the lost nh kids. people are nice.
we got home at about 4:30am.

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