Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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so lyzi's baby shower was today, 1-3:30 in manch. i got home late last night, as detailed in next post, and didnt wake up today til like 1. so i got myself all ready and headed out and got down there at 2ish. as her invitation put it, it was being held in the "Sunset Ridge Function Room ... You pass it on the left on Eastern Ave. when you're coming to the apartment. Very standout. Even you wouldn't miss it. LOL." clearly she underestimated my missing powers, because i drove down eastern ave like 5 times and didn't see no function room. the closest i saw was the rental information center. other than that, it was all apartments. dammit. so i missed the shower. sorry lyzi. she reminded me about it like 10 times. i feel like an ass now.

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