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interesting times

ive been having gore movie ideas lately. my current idea is that instead of normal undead style zombies, it's a medical procedure. so kinda like 28 days later, i guess. but anyway, the procedure is marketed for people who are sick of having to think for themselves and take responsibility for stuff and morality. sick of emotional attachments.. like, weight of the world's got ya down, just get zombified and you won't have to think anymore and you just wander around in a daze. it can be a metaphor for generational apathy, or some bullshit (i'm deep!). i want to make it a political party - the responsible moral freedom party - but that might be too stupid. i dunno how they start getting all flesh-eating, cuz obviously if they started that way not too many people would get it done (i think?). or maybe they're supposed to be sent somewhere but they get out or something. i dont know. but yeah, it'll be fun. oh, and they don't actually eat all that much at a time, a little brains go a long way, so everyone else they capture/kill gets made into furniture until theyre hungry. gingerbread house of 1000 corpses.

and tell me this isn't the perfect song for a zombie movie:
strapping young lad - devour
Devour the living
Devour the dead
We learn how we live when we die

Divide... Divide... Divide
We learn how we live when we die
Divide... MULTIPLY
Divide... MULTIPLY
Divide... MULTIPLY
We learn how we live when we die

Dividing the living... Defining the dead
One hundred or more in the womb
One hundred will go... one hundred below
One hundred will burn it away

Oh God help me with these dreams
Of one hundred million souls washed away
One hundred will go... one hundred below
One hundred will burn it away
tuesday i had my 1st day of work this summer. thanks to manpower, i got to spend 4 hours in the intense heat moving boxes from a truck to old people's cars. it actually wasn't too bad, when there were no people to get food i could lie down in the grass. any job where you can lie down in the grass ain't too bad.

in other temp job news, apparently i will be serving food this saturday at anheiser busch's company picnic in merrimack. i hope they pay me in beer.

i got my mub access card today, so i can go on stealthy maneuvers in the dead of night. bwahaha.

so i'm wearing these blue grey shorts, and i'm so sweaty and hot and gross that the dye is like rubbing off on my thighs. it looks like i have a freaking huge bruise. i feel tough

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