Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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in the mp3 i'm listening to, at the very beginning...

singer: this song's called slow.

[drums kick in]

[crowd screams and cheers]

someone in the crowd: we want shimmer! shimmer!

i hate people who go to a concert only for 1 song. why bother? if you're going to a concert solely for the music, 90% of the time you're better off staying home and listening to the cd, it will sound better. not that music at concerts is bad, but it's not the point - it's the whole experience. watch the band, dance in the crowd, sing along with all the song, have some damn fun. don't stand around waiting for the one song you know and yell angrily whenever another one is played. i remember, when blue oyster cult played manch last year, there were these guys behind me at one point who kept yelling very loudly, even DURING songs, for them to play "dont fear the reaper". they stood there who knows how long to hear one song, and berated anythign else the band played. just go the fuck home and listen to the song if you want to, the band didn't come for you. </rant>

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