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manpower called yesterday morning to tell me that work today was cancelled. bitchass. so yeah, went to amanda's and hauled boxes with her and stacie for an hour til stacie had to go to work. then we did it for another hour without her. IT WAS FREAKING HOT AS DEATH. then we went and showered off the grime and met back up (of course at this point it started pouring and the temp dropped). us and bethany and kevin, who we picked up in the street, drove out to portsmouth for fooding. driving in torrential downpours is freaking great! there was this huuuge puddle under a bridge, we went thru it and it was seriously up to like the door handles. intense.
later, i went to godbout's pool party. me and J talked each other into drinking wayy too much, but it was a great night. i was in such a fun mood. eventually went to sleep curled up on the couch in teh basement, while tennis was on tv. it was on all night, no kidding. i was DREAMING ABOUT WATCHING TENNIS. my brain is just not creative enough

i was talking to amanda about maybe being a photographer for yearbook next year. i think it'd be cool: i like taking pictures, they lend you the equipment, and a 400$ stipend.

everyone is at a party tonight at jac's. i think i'll watch the rock and read til i go to bed.

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