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lyzi and kate will be pleased

i was gonna try that dew drop inn restaurant place for dinner tonight, but they were closed (what restaurant is closed at 6:50pm on a saturday?). so i walked down the street and went into that asian food market that i always passed by and wanted to check out. it's the motherload! oh man, so much fun-looking stuff. cans of fun fruits i've never heard of, and weird asian snack foods (pocky!) and seafood things (like Mr Squid jerky. which apparently is made of some kinda fish i forget the name of, but no squid is involved) and incomprehensible packages and and and even cds! good times. i bought rice noodles and bamboo shoots and tamarind (i think that's what it's called. that fruit stuff) and 'sour soup concentrate' (i don't know) and these candy bars that turned out to be like dusty kitkats. i was the only nonasian in there, all the asian kids glared at me.

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