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i was on the radio last night! my first official show as a DJ. it was fun, i was on for 4 hoursssss. i had a good time

before that yesterday, i hung out with kevin and his friend lee who i finally got to meet - she's cool! reminds me a lot of someone but i can't figure out who - then went to a 'party' with jon and mike, at mike's friend's apartment. the 3 of us turned out to be the only people there who didn't live there, it was quite a party. they were cool though, we all sat in the kitchen and talked for an hour til we left

and now, i have to drive to somersworth so i can drive a van around all day. yay manpower! and for the rest of the week, i will be in a warehouse, again in somersworth, moving tires. the exciting temp lifestyle

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