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oh lord. so i spent 8 hours today hauling tires out of a landfill. it ruled nope. here's the deal.. i guess back in the day (the 70s) when everyone was stupid, they (tire warehouse in somersworth) thought it would be a good idea to, when they had to get rid of a tire, just TOSS IT OUT THE BACK WINDOW. they even had a ramp set up outside the window so the tires would just coast off into the giant black hole they apparnetly thought existed behind their store. imagine their surprise when the tires were still there after all. the state informed them that they couldn't have giant piles of tires buried behind their store so they now have to remove them all. me and this other kid from manpower dig them out and haul them up to the side of the store, where some older guys load them onto trucks to be brought (presumably) to a black hole located elsewhere. i dunno what else they would do with them. meanwhile, another guy is using a tractor and chainsaw to cut down trees and drag them out of the way. why, you ask?
well... apparently the tire warehouse (and by warehouse, i should point out, they actually mean scummy shack and garage) goes through a whole lot of tires. today i estimate that me and otherkid (i have forgotten his name) dug out maybe 400 tires and brought 100 of them up to the building. the older guys there, who had been doing our job last week, inform us that the tires go way out into the woods, which is why the trees need to be cleared. they found some tires up to a half mile away. they're also buried pretty deep; there are layers. we realized at one point that the ground we were piling them up on when we dug them out had even more tires buried under it. they estimate a total of FIVE TO TEN THOUSAND TIRES. let me repeat that we got maybe 100 tires today, in 8 hours of work, brought up to the building.
i suppose i can talk about what we're actually doing. see, most of the tires that aren't in the woods are in the giant inexplicable sandpit behind the building. i don't know why it's there; all i can think is at some point they decided to just bury them all and hope no one would notice the mysterious climate change on their property. it's like going to the beach, only on a huge slant and full of tires. we were honest to god out there with a pickaxe digging them out. a tire full of sand is friggin heavy, let me tell you. a lot of them were also full of water and sludge and scraggly plants and mud and oh yes all the bugs. lots of weird looking bugs. so as i was saying, we dig the tires out of the sand. now, if you have never tried to get a big tire up a cliff of sand, let me just say it's harder than one might think. so instead, we roll them down to the bottom. this was the fun part of the day, the rolling. we would try to line them up at the bottom and see how many we could pile up and how fast we could get them going without going too fast and having it roll off into the woods needing to be retrieved. i can see how they got them so far into the woods in the first place- the whole place is on a huge slant. so anyway, we roll them to the bottom, then have to carry them around the sand and back up the hill to the building.
you know how when you get a splinter, a little piece of wood is stuck under your skin? i got sand splinters. i didn't even know that could happen, but i can see them in there. oh, and at one point i managed to suavely smack myself right in the mouth with a tire, which resulted in my biting a flap of skin off the inside of my lip. let me tell you, having a bandaid on the inside of your lip feels quite weird.

i was so filthy when i got home i had to take a picture. this doesn't really do it justice though. i was damn impressive, if i do say so myself.

so anyway, that was my work today.

i'm going back tomorrow and thursday.

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