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ponder this

here's an idea i've been hearing lately: you need to earn the right to be sad. there's a certain threshold of Bad, and if you're not under it, you have no reason to be upset because your life is good. no one says it like that, of course, because then it would be obvious how stupid that is. it's usually more of the "look how much worse it could be" vein.. "look at that person there, his family's dead and his house explding and he's on fire and his dog is rabid, but he's happy. so why aren't you?"
this isn't about me, btw. not that i haven't heard that before. but i'v ebeen good lately, all things considered. however, some things have reminded me of the point and since i have a journal now and didnt then, now i will talk.
so. let me qualify my point a bit. you may very well have no reason to be sad. quite possibly your life is perfect and you're sad anyway. and ya know what, that is pretty dumb. generally, being sad is dumb. HOWEVER this does not make you dumb for being sad. that's the important point. here's the deal - sometimes people are sad. sometimes there's a reason, sometimes not. sometimes there's a good resaon, sometimes not. this does not make these various people more or less sad, or more or less validly sad. who are you to say they should be or not? like there's a criteria for it, to be depressed you need these problems or you're unreasonable. depression, i have found, is its own reason. sometimes, you're just sad because you're sad. and the best reason in the world why you have a happy life doesn't make that wrong becaues it has nothign to do with it.
i guess i'm done now. i don't really have anything to say about this. but it makes me angry to hear things like that, and people say it alot.

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