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the price of fish

apparently tire warehouse was paying manpower 16/hr for my services. they give me 9.50 of that. that's a good profit for having someone else do work for you. also, why didn't tire warehouse just hire people for like 10 bucks? they save money, the workers get more money. yay for all! (the answer to this being: the corporate office was paying for us to be there. if they had hired people themselves it would come out of their budget, so anyone they hire gets 7.50)

steve's away msg last night: I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it. i don't know if that's his or he got it from somewhere, but i think it's rather smart.

i had another weird dream last night. i only remember parts of it- it was pretty long- but i remember being in a kitchen somewhere and colleen[1] and caseygirl showed up, and mike was off in the lobby or something. then i went to visit steph steele[2], by which i mean breaking into her house while she's watching tv. she was happy to see me though, and we decided we needed an adventure involving exercise. somehow this resulted in my enrolling in an 'apprentice adept' style contest, and then having a swordfight with a robotic spider lady with the face of the robot from metropolis and creepy gold terminator eyes. but instead of fighting we just talked.

[1] it occurs to me, colleen shows up in my dreams fairly regularly. probably once a month or so. hmm.
[2] i haven't thought of her in forEVER. john, how is she doing? also, in the dream she looked like kim, but it seemed perfectly normal at the time. one person i've lost touch with looking like another person i've lost touch with. hmm.

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