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evil beasts

giant mysterious ocean blob!

Tygr28 (12:03:48 PM): but like unknown species... that just scares the crap out of me
King Nixon (12:03:54 PM): why?
Tygr28 (12:03:59 PM): especially huge gelatinous sea creatures
King Nixon (12:03:59 PM): i think thats exciting
Tygr28 (12:04:02 PM): i dunno, it just does
Tygr28 (12:04:09 PM): it is exciting... but it scares me at the same time
King Nixon (12:04:10 PM): i dont think we're under much threat from ocean blobs
Tygr28 (12:04:14 PM): yeah i know
Tygr28 (12:04:31 PM): but i've always been under the assumption that we as humans know pretty much all there is to know
King Nixon (12:04:31 PM): i guess i can see how it would be scary.. but it isnt at all to me. i think it's great
Tygr28 (12:04:45 PM): so its always scary when new stuff is discovered
King Nixon (12:04:46 PM): that assumption is very far off, i'm afraid
Tygr28 (12:04:51 PM): thank god i wasn't around for electricity

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