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saudi a llabia

i have a pair of those pants that you can unzip the legs and wear them as shorts. i've had them for maybe 5 years, and yesterday was the first time i've worn them as shorts. they're more comfortable than i was expecting.

i was on the rad-io sunday night. it went well, but the only call i got all night was this guy with 2 requests, and i forgot to play them, so i feel bad. but this guy also tried to dial another number when we said bye wihtout bothering to hang up first, so he probably didn't notice. i remember being concerned that i wouldn't be able to find enough music to fill up my shows and i'd end up repeating a lot of stuff and woudlnt know what to play. but i always end up at the end of the night with a ton of cds i didn't have time to play, so i guess that isn't much of a problem

yesterday i was going to be productive but then i wasn't. then kevin called and we were going to go to a movie but we didn't. it was one of those days. fun though. corey + nik + they were high = fucking hilarity. i haven't laughed that hard in awhile. me and kevin felt high too just from talking to them

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