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ATTN: unh kids

her email is if you're interested....

Dear Friends,

I am about to embark on a possibly difficult but very rewarding project attempting to improve the state of UNH dining halls. Through my summer job at a government service agency and hopefully in partnership with UNH i'd like to organize an all organic and local food stand in either the MUB or new dining hall hopefully for both those using cats cash and meal plans.

To do this I need to meet with a UNH dining hall representative to share these ideas and prove that there is student and/or faculty support for the idea. It is a perfect opportunity to change dining in a positive way to get better tasting and healthier options. Similar projects have been successfully and economically completed at other colleges around the country and now it is UNH's turn!

I need several students to go with me to a meeting as a show of support for the idea, don't worry I will do all of the work and make the appointment etc. We would meet briefly beforehand, discuss what will be presented to the dining representative and then have a probably very brief meeting with him. I have not set a date yet, I'm just looking for UNH students who, if they are available, would be interested in going.

I'm interested in your input on the idea whether you do or don't like the idea, or any suggestions- after all it's for all UNHers who eat food. If you'd like to be more involved by helping to gather signatures or just talk the idea up to other students let me know that too. PLEASE forward this onto anyone who you think would be interested in such a movement.

Eat Well,
Kate Lucas

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