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last night i got to spend a few hours shrinkwrapping porn. booya grandma. and speaking of porn, who goes into the porn room of a video store and eats popcorn? i had to vacuum the store and i was finding bits of it everywhere. honestly now, what is that? i have no problem with porn[1], but that is just weird. i hope they bought the popcorn from us, went home, popped it, covertly brought it back, and snacked while they were choosing what to rent.

[1] and downright enjoy looking for the weird ones. the best title of the day was "young, dumb, and full of cum". best tagline goes to Gangland: "one wrong turn and you get gangbanged!" great neighborhood. also gangland had an advisory on the box to warn us that it contains "hardcore interracial anal action". then there's the crazy ones.. "ass aliens" which prominently featured pictures on the box of what i can only describe as a power rangers monster made of carpet samples, and had one quote claiming the female star has the best anal scenes of her life. how do you rate that? oh and "c-men" which had something claiming to be a plot described on the box as aliens trying to take over the town of skanktropolis or something like that, by having sex with lots of guys. i dunno. the blurb even stopped a few times to say something to the effect of "wow, this plot is stupid and inane. but it's not like you care. ha ha." ah, cynical honesty, how coy you've become.

i've been sad lately. i hope it's just me and not the zoloft wearing off.

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