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approximately 9 hours ago
i worked wiht this girl beth thursday night, and everything seemed fine. but we stopped in earlier today and katie, who is like the submanager or something, said that beth had been complaining to her about me that apparently i was doing all this stupid shit. except that i hadn't done any of it. so a) she's stupid, and b) she's stupid for going behind my back and bitching to the boss. bah.

flash forward to the present
okay, she seemed way nice and friendly tonight, so unless i hear about her bitching more i will drop the matter. maybe she had an off night. i also worked with this girl davin tonight, who is smaller than she looks (or maybe hte other way around), and adorable in a 10 yr old girl sort of way.
we have movies playing while we work. we switch off on who chooses the movie (it can be anything in stock rated pg-13 or below). tonight i chose ghostbusters, which i haven't seen in years. back in the day that was my favorite movie - i seriously watched it every day for about a year when i was around 7. i'm pleased to report it was as good as i remember. also, i rented intacto tonight, which was very cool. somewhere between unbreakable and the damnation game.

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