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omg i was SO AMAZINGLY FUCKING SICK last night.

i was on wunh at midnight.. now, even driving over there, i felt a little weird, but i didn't think much of it. it seemed at the time like i was getting a back spasm, which is no fun but it's usually dealable. as the night went on, it became more clear that the problem was actually in my stomach. around 1:30 i knew i wasn't going to last. this sucks, as it was to be the night of my first official show of mine own (i am scheduled for sunday nights 2-6am). so i shut down the station and rushed down the hall to the bathroom. i was in there over an hour, alternately throwing up and with diarhea. if it even qualifies as that, it was like shooting out straight stomach acid. eventually, i managed to stop, and stumbled out to my car. i was so freezing cold that my whole body started cramping up. i was shaking and probably looked like a hunchback. i drove home and tried to go to sleep but i had to get up every half hour or so to throw up more. not even normal throwing up; i have never thrown up that violently before. the noise woke up shannon at some point. i estimate throwing up at least 50 times. eventually i gave up on tryign to sleep and went downstairs to lay on the beanbag in the livingroom, so i could just crawl into the bathroom when i had to. around 7 i think, i stopped throwing up so much, but my body still ached so much i lay there til like 11:30. at some point i fell asleep in the bathroom for an hour. at 11:30 i put on dog soldiers and lay there more, watching it. then i was feeling well enugh to try eating a bowl of dry cheerios. i felt nausious after, but it wasn't so bad. i went to sleep til 9. i feel better now. small headache, small backache, and exhausted.
i have 2 videos due back at west coast tonight. i wonder if i'll get over there to return them. also, jeff grimes returned my call today; predictably, he ran into ANOTHER problem with buying that house. something about the title. so he says it all depends on his lawyers and the other guy's lawyers now. bahhhh we should probably start looking for somewhere else to live

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